We are not there yet but we received our first Judge’s comments from reading Invent, Innovate & Prosper. See below:

Judge’s Commentary

Sometimes how-to books provide some great information, but you feel like you could have had more — more examples, more resources. Who knew a book on inventing could be so incredibly thorough that I honestly think it’s the only one someone needs right now who is looking to do this.

Michael’s book is chock-filled with extensive examples of great, and sometimes not-so-great, stories on inventing and it’s written in a way that’s not dry, which some books like this can be. He breaks up the chapters with sidebars that catch your eye and provides questions that the inventor should ask themselves in order to propel their invention forward.

I really don’t have a lot to critique here. The book’s subhead is “A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Inventing,” and that’s exactly what he’s provided. I love his use of Sherlock Holmes throughout the book as “the hero”. If I could critique one thing and it’s so minimal that it’s laughable, I would say on p. 19, Michael says “In closing this section,” immediately followed by the next paragraph starting with “to summarize.” I don’t think either phrase is even needed, but to have both is a little much. That’s it. Otherwise, it’s a very well-written informative book.

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