Writers love good reviews. I wanted to share one I received yesterday.

“Creativity comes to us more often than we recognize. Allowing our inner selves to believe that we may have very well understood an everyday problem differently than anyone had before, is the beginning. So what do we do with a unique solution to a problem? How do we develop a thought into something of value to others so that we might be rewarded with both recognition and financial gain? The answer to those questions is, read Michael Colburn’s new book, Invent, Innovate & Prosper. In this book you will find the guidance to vet and validate your idea as a unique idea and develop it to the point that others can see and understand its potential. Then you can get it to market so that people can benefit from your idea.

In this book Michael shares a lifetime of learning, experimenting, and finding answers through trial and error that have given life to new products. He has penned his experience into a beautifully written, entertaining history of invention, showing the reader a map to success for anyone who is looking for guidance with their invention or innovation. From Alexander Graham Bell to Albert Einstein, inventors have brought us new ideas and new products that have improved our lives. The paths and processes that get ideas and innovations from them to us is what Michael Colburn shares with the reader. It’s an enjoyable read and an enjoyable journey.”

Keith Carpenter, Co-Founder of Wood Stone Corporation

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