Reminds Me of the Old ‘How To Books’

(5 out of 5 stars)
Customer Reader | October 21, 2019

This was a great book that broke down how to invent something and be successful. The reading was easy to follow, pacing was great, and the book was organized and broken down into sections that make sense. The author even ended with one of the most underrated issues no matter what you are looking to do…marketing. I think this section could have been a bit better but I am definitely glad he touched upon it. I loved that the book started with mental preparation and really got you into the mindset before he went on with the step-by-step process. The only issue I found boring was the history lesson on inventions. It could have been shorter or cut out altogether.

Praise for Invent, Innovate & Prosper

(4 out of 4 stars)
Kite of Ember | September 30, 2019

Einstein, Tesla, Edison; some of the world’s best creative minds and inventors. What did they all have in common? The unique and communicative mindset that Michael Colburn masterfully guides his readers to. With an incredibly comprehensive step-by-step guide, the author of Invent, Innovate, and Prosper, Michael Colburn, paves the way to success through his charmingly personal writing. If you have ever considered inventing, or have tried inventing in the past, this book is an excellent guide to lead you in the right direction. Colburn introduces each topic, covers its background, reiterates its importance, and displays application in every imaginable step of invention. From mental preparation to commercialization, Colburn makes the invention process applicable to everyone.

Throughout his guide, Colburn addresses every subject, to not only lead readers in the right direction, but stay with them every step of the way. Kicking off with tips on brainstorming, Colburn teaches scientific knowledge of the brain, and steps to avoid mistakes or faulty thinking. Although possibly obscure at times, the method the author teaches provides insightful and productive questions to urge the reader to discover results for themselves. In practicing the exercises, such as communicating to all angles of your own brain, I overcame the initial doubt to see the possible productive outcomes.

Overall, I considered reading this book to be an enlightening experience. The only thing I disliked about the book was the fact that it became difficult for me to read at times. In other words, if I was not one hundred percent focused on reading, I would “zone out” at lengthy paragraphs or obscure vocabulary, requiring me to go back and reread. With any book, though, this is normal and simply depends on the reader. After all, the information, although lengthy, was instructional, thorough, and would certainly satiate the reader hungry for every scrap of guidance they can get.

Through the remainder of the book, Colburn guides the reader through the research of both the problem and the existing solutions, methods of invention, and marketing strategies, all while providing relevant examples to illustrate his main points. Although I am not personally an avid inventor, Invent, Innovate, and Prosper includes topics so broad and so personal that even I could associate myself with the circumstances and apply the methods to my day-to-day life.

This book, with its expert editing and educated instruction, left me with mostly positive things to say. I encountered no grammatical errors in my reading, and found Colburn’s instructions to be simple enough for anyone to understand. Thus, I am more than happy to give this book a 4 out of 4 star rating. Whether you are interested in inventing, or simply want to learn something new, this book is right for you.

Read This Book and You Too Can Be an Inventor!!

(5 out of 5 stars)
Wallace J | June 15, 2019

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I could never invent anything!”, then read this book. Mike Colburn guides the reader through the innovation process step-by-step with readable, relatable language and a sprinkling of humor to keep his book enjoyable while being thoroughly educational. The author relies on his own vast experience as well as extensive research to give real substance to his book.

After reading of Mike’s experiences and insights, the motivated reader will be able to develop an idea from a passing thought to a finished product ready for market. As a former leader of a small manufacturing company, I wish I had read this book 20 years ago- our company would have reached new heights and I would have been a better CEO as a result.

This Comprehensive How-to Book Covers Everything You Need to Know About Inventing!

(5 out of 5 stars)

Cecillia L for Indie Reader | June 4, 2019

With over 40 years of experience and step-by-step instructions, Colburn provides everything you need to know about the inventive process in one book. He simplifies the process by explaining details for topics such as learning to think like an inventor, designing and patenting your invention, troubleshooting, and commercialization of your product, even providing sample forms. Colburn keeps the process engaging by illustrating the importance of observation with a little help from Sherlock Holmes. Readers will also appreciate the insights gained through his interesting end-of-chapter inventor profile features.

Highly Informative and motivational!

(4 out of 4 stars)
Lauren for Online Book Club | September 24, 2019

Anyone can become an inventor if they follow the invention process steps outlined in Invent, Innovate & Prosper by Michael G. Colburn. This guide is both highly informative and motivational. After I finished reading it I felt empowered to start working on my own world changing invention. The power in Colburn’s approach is how he leads the would be inventor from a simple idea, to a well-researched product, and beyond into commercialization. Who hasn’t thought of a great idea for an invention before? I know I have, but I never had the knowledge or tools to follow through on it.

The author uses several of his own real life invention processes as examples in the book. In each step he shows how he further developed and refined his original idea into the final product. I really appreciated these examples as it so clearly illustrated the steps of his inventive process with a real world example. These examples also give credibility and legitimacy to the author by demonstrating his experience and successes. The author also includes interesting historical anecdotes about important inventions as well as motivating quotes from great inventors.

The author suggests how important it is to train the two sides of our brain to work together during the invention process. So often humans self-identify as left or right brained and neglect to develop the other side. The creativity of the right half of the brain is crucial in the invention process. This section offers interesting exercises for activating the creative brain and encouraging cooperation between the two halves.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. This book is well designed and professionally edited. The book cover and title captured my attention and drew me in. What I like most about this book is how empowering it is to the reader. It’s not just another “How-To” book. It’s a carefully laid creative guide and a cheerleading section all in one. There really was nothing that I disliked. In fact, I will likely reference this book often as I go through the process with my own ideas.

I would recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered how to bring an invention to fruition, or even just interested in the process of fully developing a new idea. Colburn teaches how to fully invest in the process of developing an idea and committing yourself to seeing it through. I think this book could be relevant and of interest to writers, academic researchers, and students as well.