Pathways guide your steps towards a destination. A journey begins with a destination in mind. Training your mind and body to endure your journey and follow the way-markers as you progress will deliver you to your chosen goal. Inventing Pathways  provides book releases, educational blogs, inventing histories, and biographies with lessons from successful and unsuccessful inventors, and guidance in all aspects of creating, marketing, licensing, and creating businesses based on your inventions.

When I set out to become an inventor, I could not find a definitive guide to the creation process of inventing. I located books on patents, books on marketing patents and ideas, and many biographies of successful inventors and businesses built on new products or ideas, but I couldn’t find an educational tool on the process of inventive thinking. So after more than a decade of inventing and building an invention-based business, I decided to write about the process of creation as it applies to inventing.

I learned this process on the job by studying the great inventors and applying their practices. Patterns appeared to me from the biographies and studies that are based on the successes of other inventors; common traits exist and can be learned by all of us. I feel invention is a unique trade, a trade with rules and practices that can be put into use when they are known. I believe all of us can be inventors to the extent we want to follow  and execute the processes. Learning these processes can make a lifetime inventor of you, it can lead to wealth and fame, businesses of your own or, if you choose, it can guide you to create inventions that provide a lifetime income so you can enjoy sitting back and receiving royalty checks.


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