The practical financial principals can help you make money and create powerful success habits for your business.

How Julia Found Happiness and Financial SuccessYou don’t need to be lucky, or a genius, to create a successful invention. You just need a clear process to spark ideas and bring them to market.Julia’s life as a successful product designer is interrupted in an instant when she is suddenly widowed. Devastated she abandons her career and escapes to France to heal. She returns to start her own service business but realizes she does not know how to turn talent into financial success. She is coached by a friend who leads her to develop new financial strategies and habits.

Julia is guided through a series of key financial principles about managing employees, time and services that take her business from financial starvation to thriving success. What she learns can be your guide to making money in your service-oriented business. This is a work of fiction with a lot of real-life lessons on succeeding financially in a time-based service business.

MICHAEL G. COLBURN has spent more than 45 years founding and running businesses based on creativity and design. In 2005, he and his wife, Mary Esther Treat, launched Ideas Well Done, a firm that focuses exclusively on inventing new products and bringing them to the marketplace. Since then, Michael has created over 25 inventions and has patents issued in multiple countries. Michael and Mary Esther live in Vermont.

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In my career of more than five decades as a creative entrepreneur, a design and engineering firm founder, and eventually the founder of Ideas Well Done, a company specializing in inventing where I was surrounded by smart and creative designers and engineers, I made about all the financial mistakes one can make. I learned from my mistakes and moved on to solving them. I thought I could save others a lot of time and aggravation if I could write a small book describing the financial tools for time and service-based business. Having written two non-fiction how-to books in the last couple of years, I decided I wanted to tell a story and not just provide a set of guidelines. This is a work of fiction with a lot of real-life lessons on succeeding financially in a time-based service business.

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