Inventing Pathways received another perfect review from a reader at To check out the review, please visit

Another reviewer found a small error with a detail about an invention. Their reviewers are very attentive, and the error is being corrected. Even though I had professional editing and two experienced proofreaders, some things get by. It is greatly appreciated that I receive free edit suggestions by the reviewers.

In other news, I am posting a cover shot of my next book The Inventor’s Workbook on the resources page of the Inventing Pathways website. Please take a look!

The Audio version of the book is selling well, but I need more reviews! Anyone reading this who want a free copy for providing an honest and thoughtful review, please let me know by email or comments on the post via the website.

Thanks for your support! (Envision two old guys with wine coolers ; ) ~ Mike


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