I don’t have a natural head for business and would probably have sunk if you’d thrown me into that pool. This book can put anyone, even someone as clueless as me, on the path to patents and money-making inventions. Michael Colburn rests this book on a long career of making profitable inventions, in the food-service industry and beyond. He’s had a career of enviable commercial success. Here he shares his firsthand experience. He also looks at the habits of many other inventors like George Westinghouse and Alexander Graham Bell. He has the mind of a mystery solver and Sherlock Holmes often appears in the text. Like Holmes, he has a step-by-step method for confronting problems and arriving at practical solutions. Unlikes Holmes, he knows how to take these solutions to market. He has a sense of humor about himself. As a kid, he remembers, he wondered whether being a pirate might be a good adult occupation. Instead, every line shows him to have grown up into the nicest guy possible. Full disclosure, I am thanked in the acknowledgements, but I can tell you that without ever having met Mike, I’d recognize in this book a restless need to create and a generous habit of giving away the whole of his personal toolbox to help others invent.”

William Kuhn