Michael G. Colburn

Michael G. ColburnMichael Colburn has extensive experience in founding (or co-founding) and growing startup businesses based on creativity or creative products. Through sales to key employees and strategic partners or related businesses most of these businesses are successful today, one of his major sources of pride.  Mike is first inventor on over 28 patents with multiple patents still in the prosecution phase with patent offices. His last business before forming IWD Holdings, LLC to managed ongoing partnerships and patent licenses is Ideas Well Done, LLC a business that was founded to exclusively invent new product and to build a portfolio of successful products in the marketplace. He has over 40 years of experience in design, inventing and the innovating of new ideas.

Mike and his wife Mary Esther, a cofounder of several businesses, live in Burlington, Vermont. They both enjoy being close to family, X-country skiing in winter, and long distance walking in the summer and spring. Mike recently completed his second book entitled “HOW JULIA FOUND HAPPINESS AND FINANCIAL SUCCESS: Your Guide to Making Money in a Service Business,” available on Amazon.com and Books2Read,

which follows his release of INVENT, INNOVATE & PROSPER: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Inventing,” also available now on Amazon.com.


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