We have returned from Alaska and the experience overwhelmed me. The beauty and the wildness were both more than expected. The highlight of most areas visited was the local glacier. I will share more pictures and a video over the next few posts. Each one has a personality of its own. Glaciers are frozen rivers of ice which are flowing down at a speed based on the angle of the path it is taking. Most are moving at one to five feet a day but some exceed that. You can hear the noise of cracking and scratching along the surface but cannot detect actual movement. At least not until a glacier calves and drops into water or land below forming icebergs to gradually melt. To attempt to tie this to the work of creating I can only say that often it feels like projects are moving at “glacial speed” only to finally reach a point where all of a sudden it all falls into place. Primarily I just wanted to share my first (of many) pictures of the glaciers we visited.

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